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What is Bordairrace

Bordairrace ...



...“Higher – further – and back again!“


This is the motto of the Paragliding-Adventure-Race “Bordairrace“!

But what is Bordairrace? Bordairrace is a combination of hiking and paragliding. The athlete has 33 hours in which he/she must cover the furthest possible distance between the starting point, the personal turning point and the finish.
The very special challenge is the actual planning of the route at this adventure race. Every athlete must take into account changing parameters like the weather for example in order to make it back to the finish within the 33 hours.
The Bordairline races are the ultimate kick for paragliders who are not only tough in the air, but as well fit by foot.

Only those athletes who have the necessary fitness, power and the readiness to surpassing one’s own limits will be able to win the race.
Any paraglider can participate who is willing to face a new fascinating challenge and who is ready to do without any technical helpers like lifts and cable cars etc.

In order to offer a platform to this new sport, the company Biotech has invented the Bordairrace competition series which consist so far of three venues, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. For the next year Biotech has planned to add a contest in Italy as well.
In all of the three events, a total winner is determined who will receive a very lucrative sponsorship with “Freiheit.cc“. The second and third will also receive a great sponsor package!
Furthermore, in all three events, individual winners are determined who receive great subject prices. Additionally, the ten best athletes have a fix start for Bordairline in 2010!


Bordairrace-Adventure-Race 2009!


A report

The first event that counts to the race series was the Crossalps contest in the German Hochries, which was also sponsored by Biotech. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate that weekend, but it did not disturb the overwhelming atmosphere. Free, along the line: “Make the best out of it”, the pilots started this we

t weekend competition. The event was in danger of being dropped due to the weather forecast. Because of the heavy rain, the pilots really had to be good by foot, because the conditions did not permit great flights (it was a miracle that some pilots could conduct a flight at all).
Unfortunately, quite some pilots received penalty points, because they could not reach the minimum of the 20 percent cover in the air flying. The winner of this water fight was finally Paul Guschlbauer before Toni Patt and Lars Budak in the individual ranking and Peter Fahringer with Josef Bamberger, as well as in the ladies competition Nina Wittig with her partner Daniela Weiss won the tandem rankings.
All in all, it was finally the right decision to hold the event, but also thanks to the athletes, because most of them were responsible enough not to risk everything under these bad weather conditions. And so the event finished without accidents and all participants are looking forward to the next Crossalps and Bordairline race series in 2010.
After the wet event in Germany, the race serie

s stopped in Locarno/Switzerland, before the final contest in Lienz.

Such an event took place for the first time in Locarno and 15 athletes were looking forward to this new challenge from the 25th to the 26th July.
But at the briefing, the participants from Switzerland, Germany and Austria were informed by a meteorologist that the first day of competition was unflyable. There was too much northerly foehn and an inversion layer that made a flight simply not possible.
So the athletes had to be very flexible and amend the routes they had originally planned.
Nevertheless, or maybe precisely due to that unexpected challenge, all athletes went to the start in a highly motivated manner. 

The differing routes they had chosen, lead some of the athletes cross-border to Italy to Laveno and even to the Lake Como.



The first day of competition was shaped by extreme heat and demanded everything from the athletes. Some of them jumped into the lakes and rivers, if there were some on their routes.
The regulation required that all athletes called the organization between 7 and 8 pm to let them know where they were and where they had planned to go. The organizers were astonished by the distances that have already been covered at

 that time. 

The next day the weather god was in a better mood and so the athletes could conduct great flights over the romantic scenery, provided the athletes were near a starting place. This compensated the strains of the day before and made the race extremely exciting.
Already at around 2 pm, the first pilots reached the finish. Unfortunately one pilot had to give up, the physical condition did not allow the athlete to finish the contest. And some other pilots could not make it back in time, but still the knowledge about the own limit and to have pushed up the personal performance level, made any kind of disappointment disappear.
Despite the bad flight forecast, the winner Paul Guschlbauer, who had already won the Crossalps, could fly a distance of more than 30 kilometres. He is certainly the favourite for the total win of Bordairline 2009.

The athletes didn’t have much time to relax, becaus

e only one week later waited the last and final event of the race-series – in Lienz in Osttirol.

On the 1st and 2nd August there was the final show down of the this year’s Bordairrace series and every


one was excited about who would win the day’s victory and whether Paul Guschlbauer could do the trick and carry home the total win.


The weather conditions during the events in Hochries and Locarno were not perfect, but the weather conditions at the final event left no wishes unfulfilled – magnificent sunshine and best flight conditions.
The start was at 8 am at the Hauptplatz in Lienz, where 18 athletes were waiting to take-off. One part of the field went west-wards to Bruneck, while the others tried their luck east-wards to Spital.
After 33 hours full of exciting competition, the Biotech athlete Jakob Herrmann won this final adventure ra


ce 2009. The man from Werfenweng covered an unbelievable total distance of 154.46 km and sent the German Lars Budack from Deutschland on the second place and the local hero Alois Resinger with a total distance of 143.16 km on third place. (You’ll find a personal report of Jakob Herrmann in this magazine).
The tandem competition was won by Christian Reinegger and Thomas Wallner before Stefan Wiebel and his partner Robert Hörferer and Albert Lukasser with Norbert Ob

erhammer. The winner team covered a total distance of 115 km and they passed the finishing line together with their friend Jakob Herrmann.
The total winner of the series is little unexpected Paul Guschlbauer before Lars Budack and Herbert Tamegger.
Extremely pleasant is the fact that all athletes have reach

ed the finish at the Tristachersee within the 33 hours. Some athletes even overtopped their personal turning points and can’t wait till the next year’s competitions to top again their performance and the other competitors. One thing was clear to the participants and to the organizers: the Bordairline race series was a huge success, and despite the strains, it was great fun for the athletes and we all are already looking forward to the next year, for which we have already started the planning.